Biological Neural Networks (BNNs) Toolbox for MATLAB is a free open source software for simulating models of brain and central nervous system, based on MATLAB computational platform. As the name of the toolbox implies, the main goal of this package is to provide users a set of integrated tools to create models of biological neural networks and simulate them easily, without the need of extensive coding. Users can create and simulate a huge network of spiking neurons in less than 10 lines of code (or even in one line, if they give all arguments to the main function) using predefined library functions. It is also possible to create and add new models to the library easily, using template library items or using special tools provided for this reason. Refer to documentation for more information about this toolbox.

Download the latest version from here:


  • Users can create and simulate several different kinds of BNN with this toolbox.
  • Architectures: Custom, Fully Connected, Multilayer Feedforward, Multilayer Feedforward with General, Lateral, and Local Feedbacks.
  • Spiking Neuron Models: Custom, Linear and Quadratic Integrate-and-Fire, Hodgkin-Huxley, FitzHugh-Nagumo, Morris-Lecar, Canonical Phase, and Izhikevich.
  • PSP Models: Custom, Two Versions of Alpha-Function, and Dirac Delta Function.
  • Event based computation.
  • Users can select several MATLAB ODE solvers for their model.
  • Custom adaptation models.
  • Static and dynamic external inputs.
  • Custom stop functions.
  • Examples.

Note: This project is not currently updated and developed.